Beauty’s Castle Chat

Beauty’s Castle is a chat site initially inspired by the tales of “Sleeping Beauty” as told by Anne Rice writing as A. N. Roquelaure. The series is usually referred to as “The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy” and is composed of three books relating the adventures and trials of one princess Beauty:

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
Beauty’s Punishment (Sleeping Beauty)
Beauty’s Release: The Conclusion of the Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty

All three books in the Trilogy: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty / Beauty’s Release / Beauty’s Punishment

The “Castle” as it has come to be called by regulars, hosts many text based chat rooms each with a monitored theme pertaining to the purpose of the area. While there are numerous places to ‘just chat’, most areas interact based upon a designated ‘theme’ such as in the Crypt, where “Vampire Role Playing” takes place and people play as Vampires and other Creatures of the Night based upon posted rules. Similarly, you can enter the Dungeons and play in a virtual BDSM based fetish area where people learn about Dominance and submission through discussion with others and virtual play. For those wanting a more fantasy based scenario, they can enter the Jewel of Gleaming Thassa for a trip to the world of Gor. Of course no visit is complete without a trip to Club Soda, the Pub at Beauty’s Castle, where the only theme is to chat it up with friends and have a good time.

It should be noted that while the Castle is for “adults” as opposed to “kids” (it is a Monitored chat and underage people are not allowed) it is NOT “pornographic” and only intends to keep the topics and discussions at an “adult” level of discourse.