The Daily – A magazine for tomorrow, Today.

The Daily has been out for almost a month now and for most people it is still giving away two weeks of free subscription time to try it out. As an avid iPad user I have been exploring it since it was released on February 2, 2011. Many people have both liked it and dumped on it in the tech blogs, but for myself, it has become my #1 iPad News Entertainment source.

When I was young I used to enjoy paging through magazines like Time and Newsweek, and even an occasional People. But until the Daily, there was nothing that really fit that experience and brought it into this decade of techno-wizardy. Sure, I have iBooks, the Kindle for iPad app and Zinio magazines, not to mention the the NYTimes, Popular Science and several other magazine reading apps, but none of them brought with it the feeling of reading a “magazine”. The Daily does that for me, along with a little bit of extra magic to make me feel like I am reading something from Harry Potter’s world, with live video and moving pictures amidst all my textual news. Sure, it does not have all the many categories that you might find in many online and print newspapers, but it does deliver a rich entertaining experience for consuming a bit of world news, gossip, a smidgen of tech and a crossword puzzle.., oh yes, and Sports too!

As a free download and only $.99/wk or $39.99/year it is a great deal and I look forward to subscribing.

Fix your iPhone alarm if it still failed today!

So your single use alarm still didn’t go off on January 3rd like Apple said it would? Well you can fix this by editing your alarm once and then saving it. Just change the time or name and save. You may then re-edit to your previous settings. Apparently a non-repeating alarm saved previously will may not go off on some iPhones, as was the case with mine, a 3GS running 4.2.1 firmware.

Just tested the re-saved alarms and all went off without a hitch.